Life insurance is very important for you and your family’s financial future.

Financial advisor Matt Keeton puts a strong emphasis on the need for life insurance plans that cover permanent disability or major health problems.

Your financial resources are enough to fill any financial gap that might occur in cases of major health problems or permanent disability.

Personal insurance companies constantly work to make your life insurance simpler, and to suit all your needs through custom-tailored insurance plans. Matt Keeton works hard to ensure you have affordable personal insurance without compromise.

So, it is very important for you to make the right choice when you are thinking of buying life insurance. Matt Keeton works with you on your personal life insurance policy so you are able to explore and choose the plans that will be suitable to your life stage.

“Why should I buy life insurance?” 

It simply becomes a question of “where would the financial gaps appear if you die, become permanently disabled or suffer a major health problem”?

For most people, these are where the “financial gaps” might appear:

Numerous surveys all show the same result, an unexpected major life event (like a death or an acute accident or illness) and financial worries are the biggest causes of stress in our lives.  Put them together, and they become even more debilitating.

So, having enough life insurance (which includes insurance to cover a permanent disability or a major health problem) achieves 2 things:

But “first things first”, what are the “financial gaps” that might appear if you were to die, become permanently disabled or suffer a major health problem, and how big are those gaps?

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