A recent study of consumer attitudes to life insurance revealed that 9 out of 10 people say they don’t understand life insurance. That comes as no surprise to Matt Keeton. The main reason people come to Matt for advice about their insurance needs is his unique ability to make, what they perceive to be a complex process, quite simple. “Unfortunately, as the benefits provided by life, trauma, disability and health insurance policies have improved, it has had the effect of confusing the consumer”, says Matt.

Matt says that “his job is quite simple. Determine what amount and type of insurance cover you need, find the right policies to meet your needs and, most importantly, provide you with the certainty that you, and the people in your life who rely on you, will have the money when it’s needed most. And along the way, make the process as simple as possible.”

Matt is also a successful businessman in his own right. And that makes him eminently qualified to help others in business by providing the right insurance advice about protecting their businesses from the risks arising from losing a business partner, a key employee or having to repay a business debt at a time when the guarantors are disabled or suffer a life-threatening illness. Matt describes personal guarantees as “necessary evils” and says that, if you are in business, “you should do everything possible to ensure that they have no impact on you personally”.

When he’s not demystifying life insurance for his customers, Matt loves the sea. A very experienced yachtie and an experienced boat skipper, Matt just loves the sea, and fishing. There have been suggestions that he has, on occasions, slightly exaggerated the size of the catch, but this photo tends to dispel that theory.

“My business and personal philosophies are identical”, says Matt. “Look after the people that matter most to you, keeps things simple and have some fun, no, a lot of fun, along the way”.

Matt Keeton, Financial Adviser (FSP128044) holds a license issued by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice. Calthorpe Insurance Limited (FSP737791), trading as Matt Keeton Insurances holds a licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice.

Matt KeetonFinancial Adviser (FSP128044)

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